DNS Cluster Terms of Service


The terms and conditions described in this document apply to the DNS Cluster service (private name servers or Private DNS) provided by the companies, which own iHosts .com (Searchmedia). Searchmedia Pty Ltd is a South African company headquartered in Johannesburg. (referred to as iHosts in this document for the sake of brevity) to the customer of the Free iHosts Hosting Program (referred to as iHosts in this document for the sake of brevity), on the one hand, and to the iHosts's Client(s) (referred to as Client(s) for the sake of brevity) on the other. The iHosts guarantees a 99.9 % network uptime (calculated on a yearly basis) for the registered private name servers and email servers on iHosts's behalf.


The iHosts renders the iHosts the private name servers (Private DNS) so that the iHosts's clients can use Private DNS settings to resolve their domains in the global Internet network. 1. The registration of private name servers by the iHosts is made after the iHosts has supplied the iHosts with a domain name of his/her own choice. This domain name can be: (a). A new domain registered with the iHosts ; (b). An existing domain transferred from another domain registrar to the iHosts . 2. The iHosts has the freedom to modify the following settings of the domain, which will be used for his/her private name servers (Private DNS): (a). Edit/change the WHOIS details (if/when the 'Change WHOIS' option is supported by the domain TLD's registry). (b). Edit/change the DNS setting of the domain. This option provides an opportunity to host the WWW folder of the domain (for example www.iHosts-private-brand.com) elsewhere but still keep the DNS Cluster service enabled. 3. If/When clients of the iHosts take advantage of the Domain Parking service for their domains, the private name servers that they will use through the Private DNS Cluster of the iHosts will look in the following way: (a). pdns1.iHosts-private-brand.com (b). pdns2.iHosts-private-brand.com The shared IP addresses of the parking private name servers will be different from the IP addresses of the private name servers. Furthermore, if the iHosts has Private DNS Cluster 2 or Private DNS Cluster 3, then the dedicated IP address(es) will not be used by the parking private name servers due to security reasons.


Upon submitting of the online order form, the Customer agrees to abide by our Order Verification Policy and the following provisions: The following conditions apply to the transfer service of domain names set up as a Private DNS: 1. If the iHosts wants to transfer the domain, which is used as a Private DNS for his/her clients' domains, to another domain registrar, the iHosts agrees to send a 30-day pre-notice via e-mail to the iHosts . (a). Upon transfer of the domain to the other registrar the iHosts's private name servers will stop functioning and the domains of the clients who've been using them will not resolve in the global Internet network. This means that the clients' websites will go off-line. The purpose of this 30-day pre-notice is to eliminate such possibility. The 30-day period is needed for the iHosts to have time to change the currently used Private DNS settings by the clients of the iHosts with another DNS and thus prevent an unexpected downtime of the customers' domains/websites. (b). By default all domain names that the iHosts transfers to or registers with the iHosts for DNS Cluster purposes will be locked at the registrar. Unlocking of the domain names is possible only through a special inquiry sent from the iHosts to the iHosts . This is to ensure that the best interest of the iHosts and the iHosts (in case that he/she forgets to send a 30-day notice prior to the domain transfer) is kept, as well as those of the clients of the iHosts that will be thus prevented from a sudden and unexpected interruption of the services they have subscribed to through the iHosts's web hosting store(s). (c). The iHosts bears full responsibility for his actions, which may cause discontinuance of the functioning of certain Client domains and their websites as a result of cessation of the proper functioning of the private name servers (with the corresponding domain ownership on the part of the iHosts) registered by the iHosts (on behalf of the iHosts). (d). The iHosts agrees that upon non-compliance with the provisions explicated in this chapter (II.1.), the iHosts will unconditionally pay the iHosts a penalty fee amounting to 10 000 GBP (ten thousand Great Britain Pounds), as well as the compensation, which the iHosts has paid to the Client as a result of a lawsuit filed by the Client against the iHosts . 2. If the iHosts wants to transfer to another registrar a domain, which is set up as a Private DNS, but has not been used as a Private DNS for the domain name of any Client of the iHosts by the time the request for the transfer takes place, then a 30-day pre-notice will not be necessary and the transfer of the domain can be done immediately. Upon iHosts's request for the transfer, the DNS service provided by the iHosts will be terminated automatically.


The iHosts gives the iHosts the opportunity to register a private mail server together with the Private DNS. The mail server can be used by his/her clients as a SMTP/POP3/IMAP server for each separate mail box of a domain, which uses the iHosts's Private DNS to resolve in the global Internet.


1. The Private DNS service has to be renewed not later than 24 hours before its official expiration date. (a). If a iHosts, who has active clients using his/her domain as a DNS for their domains, does not renew his/her Private DNS Cluster up to 24 hours prior to the official expiration date, the iHosts reserves the right to automatically renew the Private DNS Cluster and deduct the renewal fee from the pending commissions of the iHosts. The sole purpose of this provision is to prevent from unexpected downtime the domain name services of the clients of the iHosts. b. If a iHosts, who has NO clients using his/her domain as a DNS for their domains, leaves the Private DNS Cluster to expire, then the iHosts has the right to renew the service within the period of 30 days from the official expiration date. After the 30-day renewal period expires, the iHosts will release the IP addresses assigned to the iHosts's Private DNS Cluster. In this case, if the iHosts decides to take advantage of the DNS cluster service again, he/she will have to first renew his/her domain name and after that purchase a new Private DNS Cluster package for it. 2. All purchased DNS Cluster packages are NON-REFUNDABLE and have no money-back guarantee. 3. The iHosts can unilaterally suspend the provision of the Private DNS and mail service to the iHosts with a 30-day pre-notice via e-mail. 4. In the event that circumstances beyond the iHosts 's control, or events of force majeure nature, cause temporary or permanent suspension of the DNS and mail services provided by the iHosts to the iHosts, the iHosts will not bear any responsibility and have no liability to the iHosts, i.e. the iHosts will not owe any compensation to the iHosts and/or his/her Clients for any damages incurred as a result of these circumstances or events. Any disputes between the parties herein will be resolved by the court of arbitration located in Paris, France.


Following are the contact details, which the iHosts willing to use the billing system of the provider must display on the site: To contact our Customer Service - please use any of the options listed below:

Following are the contact details, which the iHosts willing to use the billing system of the provider must display on the site: To contact our Customer Service - please use any of the options listed below:

1. Open a Ticket from the Web Hosting Control Panel (from section Help Center->Open New Ticket

2. Phone or Fax us at

+27 10 006 5029 / Whatsapp: (+27) 61 472 5620

3. E-mail us: info@searchmedia.co.za / enquiry@searchmedia.co.za